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We offer a VARIABLE TUITION rate for children enrolled in Grades K-8, based on family income and expenses; we'd love to talk with you about tuition and financial aid. In our VARIABLE TUITION model, we set a maximum and minimum tuition to cover educational costs. Some families pay the maximum tuition, others may pay a reduced tuition.





For more info on tuition rates and financial aid, please call the school office.

Don’t let questions about finances stand in the way of your student receiving a quality, faith-based education. St. John's Lutheran School awards more than $425,000 in financial aid and tuition discounts each year to qualifying families.  We strive to keep our school affordable for families who desire a quality Christian education ... it is our goal that money will not deter qualified families from joining our St. John's family.

At St. John's, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity.  It's a ministry.  It's a commitment.  It's a connection.  And we would love for you to be a part of it.  We consider ourselves partners with parents as we work together to educate children, nurture their faith, and equip them to share their love of Jesus with others.  It's our mission for today, for tomorrow, and for eternity.

Our first and most consideration is what is best educationally for your child.  And you know that the quality education you want for your child at St. John's relies on your tuition support.  Tuition is an investment into the life of your child.  That's why we offer needs-based financial aid through our application process.  We use an online, third-party vendor that confidentially determines the financial need for current and new families.  Questions?  Contact the school principal for more information on our financial aid program.


K-8 students receive

a tuition discount

and/or financial aid



Average amount of

tuition reduction for

eligible K-8 students


88% of K-8 students receive a tuition discount.

Average discount = $2,404

43% of K-8 students receive financial aid.

Average fin aid = $2,036

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