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From Chromebooks and iPads and Promethean Boards and SMART Boards and other electronic devices, teachers and students at St. John’s have the privilege to use a variety of technological tools to assist in the teaching and learning process. We realize that we are teaching the next generation and innovation and creativity are high on our strategic plan. Technology is a way of life at St. John’s and we integrate tools in our classrooms at every age and grade level to help engage students and make their learning relevant to everyday life.

Middle School. Each student in Grades 5-8 uses a school-issued Chromebook each day for learning (at school and home). Some textbooks and/or assignments may be accessed online (or apps), replacing traditional learning.


Preschool–Grade 4. Our Grades 3-4 classrooms have Chromebooks available for student enrichment and remedial activities. Preschool-Grade 2 classrooms use iPads at student learning centers.

Teachers. All teachers in Preschool-Grade 8 integrate technology in their classroom instruction. There are many tools that can enrich and supplement our current resources, and these help us in our teaching and connect to student learning. Teachers use Promethean Boards, SMART Boards, and SMART TVs to enrich the teaching and learning process.

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