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MISSION: St. John’s Lutheran School prepares students for service, mission, and leadership through its academic strength, partnership with parents, and Christ-centered environment.

St. John’s Lutheran School faces many challenges today. Christian values and morals are rapidly disappearing. New family structures demand increased time and effort for teachers to minister to children and parents. Classroom education is not the same each year … it is constantly changing, ever evolving. The amount of knowledge students are expected to retain is increasing faster than we can imagine. Educational innovations and expectations are happening at such a frantic pace that neither teacher nor student can really keep up.

In the midst of the many changes in our school and in our world, St. John’s offers a constant that does not change. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). We teach the love of Jesus Christ; we teach a changeless Christ to a changing world.

At St. John’s our teachers find joy in praying for their students and praying with their students. In our school, we partner with and support parents as we model, practice, and teach the Christian values and morals that you want for your children and grandchildren. We teach and share the love of Jesus every day … we grow disciples for Jesus in the midst of our reading, writing, arithmetic, and all the other things we do at school. St. John’s is a great school for teaching and learning.

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