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It's a peculiar word when you think about it (or start to). The word “start” can be used in variety of ways and it is often connected to important things in our lives: we start to breathe at birth, start to grow, start school, start dinner, start a new job, and start the car. The doctor inquires when the pain started. The organist starts the worship service. Flowers start to bloom. The spring season started on March 20.

At times, one can also make a false start. The prodigal son had such a start, but by the grace of God he made a fresh start. God gives each of us, too, a fresh start in our lives. In our baptism, we are forgiven and granted a fresh opportunity with a new beginning. And we can renew that fresh start every day as we experience God’s goodness and love in our lives.

During this Easter season, we are reminded of our fresh start in the resurrection of Jesus our Savior. We are Easter people. Because we have a living Lord, we are living people. Living according to God's ways. Living with excitement over His great love for us. Living with desire to honor Him. Living with eagerness to learn of Him more and more. Living with the confidence of being His children forever.

We pray that we will start each day by remembering and living by the victorious truth of Easter: Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

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