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School Testing Results

St. John’s administers a standardized school test each year to children in Grades 3-8. The tests provide info on student achievement and our school’s teaching and learning programs. Test results can also help us evaluate our school's overall academic performance; the testing results are one measure of curriculum accountability.

While our teachers do not spend time during the year ‘teaching to a test’, we realize that the testing process is important for our students to be able to show academic progress. These test results can provide meaningful information for educational planning.

To see our April 2021 school scores, go to

As we review our school and individual student test scores, we see how God has blessed our teaching and learning throughout this year. We attribute our academic success to a combination of teaching and instruction, parent support, and diligent work and effort from the students. We congratulate our students for their good work, and we want to encourage them to continue their learning during the summer.

Our scores show that St. John’s continues to offer a quality academic program for children in our community, while focusing on a Christian education. As we review our academic success, our school continues to find ways to motivate and challenge students to even higher levels of learning, and our teachers and staff will develop a school improvement plan for teaching and curriculum development.

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