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My Child is Sick

Updated: Nov 5

You’ve seen or heard the news. There are concerns on increased COVID-19 transmission. Communities and schools are expected to enact more preventive measures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. How are things at St. John’s? What can we do at school? What can you do at home?

We are thankful that our school has experienced minimal COVID interruptions. For the most part, our children and staff remain safe and responsible. It seems that our action plans at school and home are working to keep us heathy and keep the germs away.

What can we do at school? We continue to practice and promote the 3W’s … preventive measures that lessen the spread of germs:

  • Wash your hands. We use soap and water or hand sanitizer throughout the day.

  • Wear a mask. Face masks, face shields, and neck buffs provide a layer of protection against the spread of infection.

  • Watch your distance. We maintain safe distancing to reduce contact and we limit the inter-mixing of student groups.

We continue to consult with school and health leaders and review our health and safety plans. If necessary, our school can enact further preventive measures and restrictions to maintain our “safe and responsible” in-person teaching and learning environment.

What can you do at home?

  • Continue to self-screen your child each morning using the daily checklist.

  • Practice the 3W’s at home; be safe and responsible when gathering with family and friends.

  • Keep your child home from school when he/she is ill or showing symptoms.

Generally, the best thing we can do to minimize the COVID spread is to stay vigilant in practicing the preventive measures at home and school. For now ... we must keep doing what we've done since school started and work together to keep us all safe and healthy.

And we can pray at school and home that God will protect and bless the health of our children, families, teachers, and staff. Pray for patience, cooperation, and understanding. Pray for good decision-making. And pray that God will bless us and lead us as we honor him in our school.