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How Was School Today?

You are in car line pick up or waiting at home. What’s the first question you ask your child or grandchild when they get in the car or arrive at home? Probably some variation of “How was school today?” And most likely, you get one of these responses: Good. Okay. Fine. Boring.

Public school parents ask the question, and Lutheran school parents ask the same question too. Public school children and Lutheran school children give the same answers. This is one similarity between public and Lutheran schools. Other similarities include striving for excellence, partnering with parents, and giving children many opportunities to find success in school.

In today's COVID world, people are seeking something different from schools. The biggest difference between St. John’s and area public schools is Jesus. At St. John’s, we find opportunities to gather for worship and prayer in our school. We help children grow in faith at St. John’s as we learn about Jesus and as we experience God’s work in our lives. We build on Christian values and morals as we interact with classmates and teachers. And we connect home, school, and church together to provide a strong, family-like atmosphere where children grow in their identity as children of God.

We created a new marketing campaign that asks the simple question, “How was school today?”. This question – along with the design of a cross made out of the “t” – sends our message of a Christ-centered education to our community. The integration of Jesus into our school is our single greatest selling point, and it is our hope that parents and grandparents realize there are choices when it comes to education … and St. John’s is one of them.

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