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I believe that all of us struggle with change in some way. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, or texting, some people really struggle with change. There is a certain part in our hearts that longs for the past and the “good old days”. The reality (whether it is good or bad) is that our world has and continues to change. I’ve seen a statistic that speculates that more than 60% of the future jobs available for our children when they become adults have yet to be created. I think that we can all say that change is here to stay!

We’ve made some changes at St. John’s for this year: We adopted a school COVID Health and Safety Plan. We added a second First Grade classroom and we welcomed new teachers and many new students and families to our school. We installed a new rubber playground surface, built a playground shade structure, and completed the athletic field fence. We installed ADA-compliant handles on classroom doors. We upgraded our communications systems. We held a virtual auction. We completed a school accreditation process and developed school improvement plans to guide our school for next year and years to come.

And we aren’t done. There will be other changes that will occur in the weeks ahead, and you can expect more changes with a new school year. Our pledge is to keep you informed as we consider school improvements and changes, get your input as much as possible, and make the changes that will make our school an even better place for teaching and learning.

Celebrate with us! Thank God for the changes that He has already made in our school and for His promises for even better changes in the future.

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