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Challenges of Teaching

Updated: Feb 11

After parents, teachers have the most important role in a child’s life. Lutheran school teachers help mold the character of their students and contribute to raising faith-filled, educated and responsible citizens. This makes teacher jobs valuable and significant as they can impact the lives of students and their future. But at the same time, this makes teacher jobs challenging and full of responsibility. They come across many obstacles, hurdles, and challenges.

A writer summarized the challenges facing teachers today. He stated:

A successful educator needs the education of a college president, the executive ability of a financier, the humility of a deacon, the enthusiasm of a child, the hope of an optimist, the versatility of a chameleon, the courage of a hero, the wisdom of Solomon, the persistence of the devil, the gentleness of a dove, the patience of Job, and the grace of God. In this fascinating “growth business” of Christian education the real “planting, cultivating, and watering” happens in the classrooms.

The day-to-day interaction and cooperation between student and teacher bring insight and understanding. These are the keys that unlock the learning process for greater growth and maturity in our Christian faith and life.

Little growth can take place without teachers ... the gardeners that our Lord has provided. One of the greatest joys of being at St. John’s is to witness the work of teachers who daily serve the young people God has given us to nurture. Their influence and integrity in and out of the classroom are key factors in our Christian school ministry.

Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to nurture and teach your child. It is an awesome job. It is a great responsibility. Please include our teachers and staff in your daily prayers as we continue making St. John's a great school for teaching and learning.

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