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Momo Challenge: Real or Hoax?

Have you seen the recent news about the Momo Challenge? Is it real or a hoax? I don’t know.

There is much debate about its reality, and you can decide for yourself. The purpose of this message is to remind us (home and school) to be intentional about safeguarding and protecting the technology use and emotional well-being of our children.

We urge all parents and guardians to become aware of this recent media sensation and monitor their child’s use of social media and internet use. And we aren't just talking about Momo … there are other sites and social media that pose similar threats to our children.

By federal law, schools must utilize internet filtering programs that restrict student internet access. And while our school filtering software does a great job of monitoring student use of our school-owned devices (Chromebooks and iPads), it is a daily challenge to keep up with all the “garbage” that is uploaded to the internet and social media. Our teachers, too, continually monitor and remind students about tech integrity and God-honoring use.

Please remember that as a parent/guardian, you have control over your child’s electronic device(s). If your child has a social media account, please consider age appropriateness and exposure from older siblings or friends. Talk with them about the content they access, the importance of not accepting any communications or invitations from people they do not know, and not sharing personal information.

Please use this opportunity to become more aware of what your child is doing online. Allow this negative to turn into a chance for you to talk to your child. The safety of our children is our utmost priority.