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"Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”

Philippians 2:2

Communication is the most important element in creating a positive school culture between parents and educators. A successful school community includes students, teachers, and parents. All of those stakeholders have the opportunity to form important bonds that can last a lifetime. Just like any relationship, the one between home and school takes time, commitment and trust.

We value our home and school partnership. Teachers want to partner with parents, and parents want to partner with teachers. In order for our students to reach their fullest potential, there must be partnership between the home and school. Seeking to understand one another and communicating effectively are absolutely critical elements in this positive partnership. Listening to each other and providing opportunities for two-way communication and parent input into the school ministry demonstrates a willingness to work together. Our families and schools need to work together to make a Christian education possible, so that we can "bring them up in the nurture and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6).

Developing a spirit of trust, partnership, and collaboration, it is important that all stakeholders within the St. John’s community (parents, students, teachers, and church members) appreciate the ministry of the school. All members of the school community play the role of "advocate for the school" and should share our common mission, core values, purpose, and vision. They all have a responsibility for sharing the blessings and value of our school ministry to the people of Arnold and beyond.

As a ministry of the church, St. John’s Lutheran School is committed to a quality Christian education program that serves the children of the church and community. We value the partnership and support of the church and its members, and we desire to work together, church and school, by sharing Jesus with the children and families of our school and in outreach opportunities in our community.