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"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

2 Peter 3:18

Lutheran schools traditionally do well in teaching children Bible knowledge, Bible history, memory work, and other "head” knowledge. Such learning provides a solid foundation for a child’s spiritual life. Faith formation is helping students learn the "heart” knowledge, helping students apply what they have learned about their faith.

Students need instruction, guidance, and encouragement to practice their faith in the classroom, on the playground and sports fields, and in all areas of their life:

Prayer should be seen not as an obligation or duty, but something that comes willingly as a natural response to planned and unplanned situations.

Students need opportunities to carry their faith outside of the classroom and school and through these, the school is known in the community as a place of faith and action.

Chapel worship and classroom devotional life should include varied opportunities and formats to allow for spiritual celebration. Teachers should be seen as "shepherds” of the faith, guiding students to a stronger and closer faith relationship with Jesus. Teaching the love of Jesus is not optional at St. John’s Lutheran School … it’s a focus of our daily teaching and learning, and faith formation will help us in our daily living. We need to share His love and find opportunities to grow our faith in an excellent way.

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